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Reasons Why The English Premier League is so Popular

English Premier League: What sets it apart?

The Players

No matter what Football is all about the football stars. They are the ones who create all the football news. They are the greatest attractions for all the football crazy fans. This is what the EPL has – the Football starts- that too some of the greatest in the world. It is true that the top 2 elite players -that’s Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo now are plying their trade in Spain. They do not play in the EPL. However, if you are to add up the total numbers of quality internationals in the top ten teams in all the leagues and who has most strength in depth? It is undoubtedly in the EPL. Thus as a spectator you get to see international stars week in and week out.

Tournament internationals

If you are to look at the number of players it supplied in tournaments like Euro 2012 you would find that the EPL supplied as many as 74 players. In comparison the Bundesliga came second with 48 players, where as the La Liga supplied only 32. When top players get selected to represent their respective countries in top international tournaments they become international stars. With the EPL supplying so many such players the best league to follow them is in such leagues as the EPL and hence the popularity.

The stadiums

You would know that the top ten clubs in the EPL all have exceptional home grounds. These in terms of the traditional rectangular favourites like Old Trafford and Anfield .You also have the modern fields like the Emirates where Arsenal plies their trade. What is also great is to note that even the so called smaller clubs have well designed stadia, often built to high standards. The sheer size, the facilities these stadiums have to offer, the great excitement is what makes the EPL a class apart as a league.

TV Coverage

What makes the popularity of football so high worldwide be it any tournament is the massive global TV coverage that happens to cover games. EPL is now watched by over 600 million people in roughly 200 countries. Matches in this elite league are broadcast live and eagerly anticipated. It generates huge incomes and it helps enhance the popularity of the game.

Rich History

It is an absolutely true fact fact that the English invented the modern game of football. It was then exported to other countries. The fact has a huge impact and the EPL is carrying the history forward.

In conclusion we hope we have been able to explain some of the key facts for the popularity of the EPL. To know the latest football news, keep following Golden-Goals.

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